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IPONWEB is an AI, data and engineering company which designs algorithms and writes codes for some of the most advanced ad systems in the world. They launched The MediaGrid as an antidote to many disruptions in the programmatic landscape. Purpose-built for agency buyers and premium publishers operating in a new era of programmatic development.

The MediaGrid creates an open environment that brings buyers and sellers closer together and empowers both sides with powerful supply curation and management tools to drive greater trading efficiency, performance, and value in programmatic.

Built For Agency Buyers And Premium Publishers Operating In A New Era Of Programmatic

“While we knew The MediaGrid was solving an acute pain point for agencies and publishers, getting them to understand exactly what it was, how it worked, and, more importantly, how it solved their unique challenges could be difficult, given the complexity of the current buying landscape and partner ecosystem.
We needed a way to change that - to clarify the value proposition, and succinctly articulate the benefits it brings to both publishers and media agencies in an easy-to-digest format. We chose Appetite Creative to help, as they are niche creative innovation specialists with expertise in the tech space.”

Michael Rasmussen, Global Head of Marketing, IPONWEB


The problem with The MediaGrid innovation is often not the product itself.
It is that many businesses simply don’t know or understand how they may benefit from using it, and this is where Appetite Creative Solutions were called in to bring the product to life through visualization and innovative engagement.


Appetite Creative Soulutions created a 90-second explainer video to present both the technical capabilities and business value of The MediaGrid in a visually appealing way.
The video is exciting, interesting, and straightforward; helped by harnessing attractive visuals and delivering a clear message to grab the audience’s attention quickly. Moreover, it does all of that in just a few seconds.


“The offering and the industry itself are quite complex so we needed to make sure it was easily understandable for those who might be looking at this from a more technical viewpoint, yet also give enough detail to those working in the midst of the industry to understand the real benefits The MediaGrid brings.”

Jenny Stanley, MD, and Founder of Appetite Creative


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