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Virtual events have been one of the global business trends in recent years, not least because of the pandemic situation around the world. Face-to-face events are slowly coming back, but people have fallen in love with the dynamics that online events allow, as they can now literally attend any event, anytime, anywhere at the comfort of their homes.

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Thanks to Appetite Creative Solutions' effort, the client is now confident about the process of creating webinars. The team also created professional-looking digital content. Their workflow is very effective.

Robert Darrow, Managing Director at AMDAS

At Appetite Creative we have been running a series of webinars for our own brand - The Talking Giraffe Webinar Series - which is keeping us top of mind for our target audience resulting in increasing participants every month since the start of the pandemic. We have increased our awareness and have increased our social audience by 30%. We’ve done the same for clients at corporate events where the results were equally inspiring. Our events management package includes from concept creation, to ticketing management, from promotion to post-production as we can reach your target audience through online events like no other agency.

Our Offer

  • Event Creation & Management.

    Event Setup, Technical Support & Digital Ticket Management. We will start working with you enough time ahead before the event to set up the ultimate best experience for your audience. The session will be hosted and set in the platform that best suits your event. You will get help from our event coordinator when it comes to managing the ticket emissions, refunds, and support along the weeks that anticipate the event. During the session itself, you will be granted a technical supporter, who will be behind the curtains so you don’t need to worry about technical issues or difficulties.

  • Event Promotion.

    Email Marketing, Personalised Social Media Marketing, Branded Promotional Assets & Ad Management. Our team of designers and marketers loves working with partners on webinars and other virtual events! Alongside your marketing head, our team will set up a comprehensive strategy including email marketing, personalised social media marketing and advertising. Even though we recommend a few platforms to work with, we are flexible and will do our best to adapt to your needs during the process. Our designers will also work closely with your team, in order to ensure that all the promotional assets are properly branded in order to convert followers into attendees, and attendees into clients! Once the event is over, we can use the webinar recordings to create videos that can for example be published on YouTube or your social media channels.

  • Event Consultancy.

    Subject and panel research, Agenda development guidance & Sponsorship research support Our vast experience organising digital events has given us tools that allow us to help clients in every stage of the process when hosting a webinar. Apart from the event management know-how, we can provide you with the best virtual event ideas and access to a wide network of industry professionals, practitioners and academics, who will ensure that your event is insightful and credible to your target audience. This network will also be of value if you intend to have sponsors for your event. Moreover, we have in-house copywriters who are experts in the development of consistent agendas for any subject.

Why Appetite Creative?

Appetite Creative is a creative studio, specialising in digital services. We create leading brands and revenue, generating campaigns for our clients through comprehensive and compelling strategies. We focus on the B2B industry and have won top B2B agency awards consecutively in 2018, 2019, and 2020. We have led webinars, created campaigns, and increased leads and traffic for several B2B and B2C companies - we connect brands to their audiences. Our experiences in generating leads through digital events plus our knowledge of social media marketing will be valuable for your brand. If you have an idea and want to bring it to life, let us know!

Setting up the tone

We start by meeting with your team, in order to understand the concept of the event and how you intend to handle it. You meet your event manager from Appetite Creative and enlighten him/her on the subject of the webinar, the target audience, the guests and your preferences in terms of look and feel of the event. If you need help with this, we will provide you with webinar ideas and suggestions on how to host the most appropriate event for your brand.


Getting ready

Once you brief us on all the details for your event, our team will start turning these ideas into reality. We will set up the event, the ticketing system, the promotion strategy, the invites and messages to be sent to each of the interested parties. Our designers will immediately start creating the promotional assets so these are ready several weeks before the event, to be shared on all required channels.


Convert, convert, convert

The moment all the assets are approved and ready to be shared, all the event’s pages will be updated to ensure consistency across the promotion of the session, and the invites will start to be sent to your target audience. Our team can dedicate up to an hour per day, every day, to ensure that the message about your event is spread to everyone who should know about it.



When the big day arrives, you won’t need to get nervous - at least about the technical part of the event. The event manager will ensure that a reminder is sent to all registered attendees prior to the event, before proceeding with the technical tests involving all guest speakers, hosts and co-hosts, 15 to 30 minutes before the event starts. As soon as the session goes live, the event manager will be on your back, controlling the session, ensuring that the panelists can be seen and heard by the audience, and that no hecklers interrupt your session.



When the session ends, we will provide you with the recordings. We can, then, start editing it, branding it properly and ensuring that it will be uploaded correctly on your social media and YouTube channels. We can also provide you with short snippets of the event, in case you want to use them for promotional purposes.


From attendees to leads

The last step of the process is to share and promote the success achieved with the event! We can help you with that, by posting the snippets of the webinar, sending follow-up and thank you messages to the registered attendees, and ensuring that no one will forget the insights learned at your webinar.



What social media platforms will you use for promoting my event?

We are flexible when it comes to the platforms we use. However, we would recommend LinkedIn* and, depending on your target audience, Instagram and Facebook. *For personalised and targeted LinkedIn Messaging, we use the Sales Navigator tool.

How many promotional assets will you create for my webinar?

Our team will design 100% customised promotional images for your event, including cover and profile images to use in social media, and personalized images for each speaker at the event, so they can share in their own social media and promote the event.

Do you use Zoom to host virtual events?

Yes, we can work with Zoom. However, if you plan to host the event on another platform, we are flexible enough to work with it.

I don’t have a subject or speakers to my event, can you find these for me?

Absolutely! We can help you find the most trending topics for your event and give you access to a vast list of speakers who would love to work with you.

Do you record the sessions?

Yes, we record the event. We can, then, make whatever you want with it - from publishing it on YouTube for everyone to sending it to the attendees so they can watch it on-demand.

I already have a panel and the event set. Could you help me with the promotion?

If you just need us to boost your digital event, we will do that!

Do you work with other languages than English?

We have a whole team of experts from all over the world so we can cover most languages: English, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, Greek, German, Danish and some more!

Do you provide a report on the event's performance?

Yes, you will have access to all relevant data about your event's performance. You will get to know who attended your event, for how long and the location from where they watched your live event.

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