The importance of your company’s reputation is highly dependent on your brand image. Visual elements are crucial to creating trust and confidence between your customers. We tend to focus on Tech brands as we feel we have an acute understanding and ability to decipher their tech greatness and functionality into clear messages and benefits to target B2B audiences. However, we also work with other sectors and have successful experience working with B2C clients. With a clear-headed commercial judgement, we are able to blend your vision to the world through creativity and help with brand redesign and brand identity development to make you stand out from the crowd. This will be achieved through excellent visual elements and principles to deliver original creative solutions which resonate strongly with your audiences and position you as thought leader in the market.

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I am hugely impressed with the passion, drive and determination that Appetite Creative have brought to the table. They have been professional from the start, making sure every aspect of this project flowed from one work stream into another seamlessly. If you are looking to start a new business venture in life, and all you have is an idea. It is all you need. The Appetite Creative team will recognise this and make it reality.

Dave Scowen, Founder of Scentropy

Our additional services...

Our additional services may also be relevant to redesigning your brand. These include web design, video production, content creation and social media marketing that will help deliver consistent branding through all the channels.

Here are some ways we can help with the branding process:

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand guidelines
  • Logo creation
  • Email signatures
  • Social media templates
  • Web design and build
  • Brand videos
  • Sales or presentation material
  • Case studies
  • … and more!

Why Appetite Creative?

We are a creative tech studio with extensive experience with Branding. Having collaborated with several clients who were in need of a rebranding, we have developed expertise in the discovery phase to understand brands well their customer value proposition in order for us to represent that perfectly visually in new branding. We have design, marketing, development, copywriting in-house so we can take care of the full 360 solution. From conception, design and build, to driving traffic and maintaining the platform, our team can offer long term retainers as well as project work.


The success of your brand will rely on well-defined values from the start. We hold branding workshops and carry out company and client research to assist and support our clients to define theirs, whilst developing a thorough understanding of their business and their objectives. These core values will be the ground level foundations to develop your brand.



We pride ourselves on developing brand identities that reflect the values and USPS our clients bring to their market. We aim to create brands that are distinctive and unique amongst various sectors, by developing strong consistent visual languages that connect and engage their target audience. Here we are able to build the brand book, the set of rules for the band.



This is where it all comes together and the brand springs to life. We are able to roll out the new brand across all owned assets such as website, social media, email signature and business stationery, sales deck and explainer videos. We have the services to roll out the brand across various digital and non-digital platforms to ensure the brand has a consistent look and feel across print materials and digital media.



What do you need from me to create my brand?

The success of your brand will rely on well-defined values from the start. We hold branding workshops and carry out company and client research to assist and support our clients to define theirs.

How long will it take for you to create my brand?

That depends on exactly what we need to do. However, we would estimate 2-4 weeks on average.

Can you use an already existing logo?

Yes, we can but we can also help to create a fresh one that could better match your rebranding look and feel.

I already know what I want for my brand, just need someone to execute it. Do you provide that service?

Of course! We will gladly bring your vision into reality.

How often will we communicate?

It depends on the services. For example, if we are talking about an ongoing social media management service, we will communicate with our clients on a weekly basis. But we always try to talk to our clients regularly and keep them updated.

Will you help me develop my brand's strategy?

Definitely! We will first meet with you to fully understand your brand values and needs and from there we will help with your brand development.

What is a brand book?

A brand book or brand guide is a digital book, which we create which collects all your brands identity in one place. This covers, Primary and secondary logo, colour palette, typography and image library and style. This helps make sure your brands keeps consistency with any assets or content being produced.

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