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VSL#3 is a highly concentrated poly-biotic. Containing more bacterial strains per dose than any leading brand, it helps maintain excellent gut health support your wellbeing. VSL#3 works by delivering high levels of live bacteria across eight different strains to your gut, where it helps to support the microbiome to keep your digestive system healthy.

Scientific research has confirmed that VSL#3 contains the highest volume of bacteria per dose amongst leading brands and contains a wide variety of bacterial strains to promote a healthy digestive system and maintain good gut health. VSL#3 is a highly concentrated poly-biotic with 450 billion bacteria in every sachet, and even better, these bacteria come from not one but eight different bacterial strains, making it a combination poly-biotic.

We designed a website with fresh colours, a bold design, and easily digestible content

"Dear Appetite Team,

Thank you so much for all the hard work and relentless effort to do this, it looks FANTASTIC!!!!!!
While testing yesterday, I just wanted to go live immediately. We have invested so many months, and I'm proud of the outcome. This is just the start!
Thank you for all the coordination and collaboration, and all the support. The e-commerce side is crucial, and we can't thank you enough for keeping so stable throughout all the changes. We are grateful for the smooth update! These projects can't happen without a strong team; thank you for being a great one!
I hope our next project will be a good one, too."

- Arpita Pani,
Senior Commercial Governance & eCommerce Brand Lead, UK & Europe
Ferring Pharmaceuticals


The pharmaceutical industry has notoriously tight compliance and regulation and conflicts with typical industry standard methods of digital communication. The challenge was first to help with the repositioning from prescription to over the counter. We needed to look at positioning and audience and then redesign and update the brand and all its owned media. Developing a social media strategy could raise awareness of the brand, reach a wider audience, and finally become the preferable choice of the customers' purchase within the industry.​​ Starting with the brand guidelines, we would need to work a new look, feel, and tone of voice across a new website front end.


We designed a website to target a new audience. Fresh colours, a bold design, and easily digestible content were our focus. Paired with a Wordpress-style backend CMS, everyone who needed access would be able to manage the format with complete autonomy. We then needed to drive the new brand across all social media channels, and raise brand awareness by creating an interest in the product and driving engagement and sales across their new audience. To reposition the brand needed a new look and feel. The brand now had to stand out to consumers as a lifestyle brand, colours and images all need to reflect the health and well-being side of the product as VSL3 could no longer be able to rely on prescriptions for revenue. Use new organic methods of promotion including mailing lists captured from our site and social media campaigns to reach our growing following.
The new site was modern and consumer-friendly, and the crossover was seamless. A rebranding meant that we were able to build an immersive ecosystem that was easily recognisable to existing and new customers alike.


Our team designed ads that were posted on Tap Native platform, from which the brand got well over ten thousand additional clicks to the new webpage in the first 4 weeks. Social media followings grew, and customers are now able to inform themselves and reach out to VSL#3 from wherever they may be and do so at any time. We measured up to 96 organic impressions daily during the campaign.Sales grew rapidly. Before Covid-19 sales were predicted to return to before prescription licence sales. Online sales have been largely unaffected by the current situation. Thanks to the dedication towards digital marketing, the strategy is able to shift away from events and focus on secure channels for sales. We are proud of the transition that VSL#3 has made from primarily B2B into a B2C brand of polybiotic food supplement.




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