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We are the global digital agency for enterprises specialising on B2C marketing, connected packaging, and customer engagement experiences at scale.

Here in Appetite Creative, we connect brands to their audiences in today's digital world. We innovate constantly to create unique tech solutions and ad-serving technology that generates eye-catching and engaging branding and marketing campaigns that drive global awareness and education, increase sales by an average of 20% and help brands collect GDPR-compliant data and generate an average 3 min engagement time with our digital experiences. We will make your brand stand out and deliver the right message using the latest technology and advancements in digital marketing.

Experts across a variety of ad formats, we are pioneers in connected packaging and digital advertising campaigns which we can design, create and deliver quickly without skimping on the quality of the results. We are the creative tech studio of world firsts as we are responsible for the world-first liquid skins, world-first Whatsapp ads, unique QR code experiences on connected packaging, and innovative lead capture ads that connect directly to clients' CRMs.

We deliver effective branding and digital campaigns across the EMEA, Americas and MENA regions. With our flexible and agnostic approach, our unique digital solutions, and ad-serving technology we can help you transform leads into clients; all thanks to our high levels of engagement through unique formats, branding that cuts through the clutter, social media management, and gamification that nourish a more efficient interaction with your audience.

As digital marketing specialists, we are experts in offering innovative and creative solutions compatible with all types of platforms, websites, and social media across all devices and screens. We work for clients such as Armani Hotels, Disney, Mercedes, Tetra Pak, British Airways, Bvlgari, PepsiCo, Marriott, Emirates, Royal Bank of Scotland, Don Simón, Boylesports, and many more.

Things We’re pretty proud of.

Big ones. Small ones. Square ones. Hexagon ones. These are some of the awards we've won, and we're pretty proud of them... if we may say so ourselves

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    Clutch 2022

    Top B2B companies UK

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    Clutch 2021

    Top B2B Companies UK

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    DesignRush 2022

    Top UK Digital Marketing Agencies in July, According to DesignRush

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    Clutch 2020

    Top B2B Companies Global

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    Most reviewed Web Development Companies

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    Clutch 2020

    Top B2B Companies UK

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    Afristar Awards 2022

    GOLD - Tetra Pak East Africa: Lewa Marathon connected experience

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    Clutch 2019

    Top Creative and Design Agencies UK

  • DesignRush 2022 Logo

    DesignRush 2022

    The Top Digital Marketing Agencies In January 2023, According To DesignRush

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    Clutch 2019

    Top B2B Companies UK

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    MEA award 2021

    Most Innovative Global Marketing Technology Studio 2021

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    The Drum

    Top 100 Independent Agencies 2019



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    Top Advertising & Creative Agency Spain

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Brands We Work With.

We work with many clients, from tech companies, packaging giants, and the food industry to creative agencies. From e-commerce businesses to car brands. Our expertise allows us to cater to all types of clients and deliver a dedicated service to each of them

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Meet the team.

Established in 2015, Appetite Creative's team is a unique blend of mixed experiences with a love for all things creative. We worked in well-known agencies, small agencies, big huge corporates, freelance, and startups. we have worked for small, middle, and large accounts, some were swimming champions, others fell into webshops when they were young, but all of us, and we really mean ALL, are driven by the very same passion, and the constant urge for quality and creativity

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    Game designer

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    Español Admin Chief

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    Commercial Director


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