We specialise in playable experiences and gamification to drive better messaging, deliver high engagement rates, educate customers, improve interaction with your audience and ultimately raise your sales.

  • 110% data capture goal for CocaCola

  • 20% increase in sales for Tetra Pak

  • Starbucks 90% interaction rate

  • 15 minutes of engagement time for Vodafone

Connected Experiences open the door to 2-way communication with your end customer.


Combining online with offline personas, our web apps connect with consumers, using the newest innovative technologies (for example IoT objects using NFC and QR codes, plus Digimark) and drive users to a particular action through immersive experiences.


Connected experiences are key to educating consumers about a particular brand or product’s unique positioning and messaging through gamification. Supporting brands to launch new flavours, new products and boost education around brands' commitment to particular Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability programs, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG).


Use impactful interactive experiences to bring your product or service to life. Here we have objects that reside in the real world enhanced by computer-generated animations and objects. Augmented reality can be used for gamification, interactive experiences and 360 views of a product.



If I have an idea for a digital game, can you implement it?

Every project is unique, but we have the best team of UX design, graphic designers and specialist front and back-end developers always ready to be challenged with new ideas - so the most likely answer to your question is ‘Yes!’.

Can you implement this service in my already-existing app?

Yes, we can incorporate our connected packaging solutions in any app, so it is not a problem if you have created one already.

How long does it take for you to develop a connected packaging campaign?

That depends on what we need to do :) Average times are 4-12 weeks.

Do you provide a report on the campaign's performance?

Yes, you will have access to all relevant data about your campaign's performance. From our real-time dashboard, you will be able to download reports and graphs direct to pdf.

What metrics can you track?

We can track scans, engagement time, day and location, time of scan, rescans, any particular game metric, location of scan amongst any custom metrics in particular, you would like to track. All in real-time, so you can see exactly how your campaign is performing and also make optimisations in real-time.

Why choose NFC, Beacon Technology or QR codes?

There are many reasons for each technology and we should chat through the options in line with your objectives. While NFC can be useful it still requires physical contact whereas beacon technology and QR codes do not. A QR on a billboard for example can be scanned from a distance of a metre. QR codes are cheaper and reach a wider audience since more phones can read them than those that can read NFC tags.

Do you need to build an app to create an experience?

No, not at all. We create web apps so that on scanning connecting with the IoT object or QR the user is automatically staying in the experience and not having to download or install anything at all. We must make it as easy as possible for as many people as possible to get involved and interact.

Can you create Unique or dynamic QR codes

Yes, we can create unique QR codes so that each product has its own unique QR, this enables us to track exact location and packing. It also means that we can run competitions or incentives that mean you must purchase multiple products for multiple entries into competitions or loyalty card experiences.

I have a creative agency can we still work together?

Yes of course :) We can look after the whole process from concept, design, production and reporting or work with you and your internal teams of external creative agencies to create something together we can do as much or as little of the process as you need.

How do you collect first Party data?

Within our own platform, we create easy to use databases downloaded as customisable documents (clients own first party data, in real-time, better data analysis, saves time) We provide a wealth of data, first-party completely GDPR compliant, to inform advertising campaigns and consumer engagement We can achieve tailored objectives such as awareness, drive to store, drive to purchase and influence consumer behaviour. For example, Samsung - drove awareness through play and collected a wealth of marketing data We track how brands connect with today’s customers through our Liquid Platform – tracking data at the user level so brands and users can benefit from and optimise truly successful campaigns – with the ability to learn about their customer base, collect their own first-party data ad become more consumer-centric and optimise their messaging based on the learning.

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