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Appetite Creative is here to help your business or organisation reach it's marketing strategy goals. We take care of all aspects of marketing, from the strategy and layout when presenting your brand externally, down to a social media campaigns to ensure that your business or organisation maximises its performance towards your target audience. If we can't find what you're looking for on our list then don't be afraid to ask!

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We’re impressed with how responsive they are to whatever we need them to do, whatever the time frame is. There’s been amazing responsiveness and execution on Appetite Creative’s part.

Jessi Koponen, Marketing Executive at Hybrid Theory

The Service

We know that every company is different, and we want to ensure your B2B marketing campaign hits the ground running. From brainstorming ideas to executing a complete plan for you, our team will put their best foot forward in order to serve all of your needs as if it was theirs! We adapt our package to your brand’s needs, as we can provide you with anything that you require for your newest marketing campaign.

Web design & development, production of explainer and promotional videos and ads, social media marketing and virtual event management, branding and rebranding, connected packaging campaign creation, gamified experiences and much more! 

You can find our best case studies and collaborations with big players such as Starbucks, Adidas and Lego here.

  • The Tomorrow Method.

    The Tomorrow Method is the key behind our B2B Marketing Agency Awards. The approach we use has been tried and tested, providing solutions for digital innovation that's ahead of its time! We are always pushing boundaries beyond what they're capable of at this moment with content and affiliate marketing strategies to ensure businesses stay on top whilst developing their content and affiliate marketing strategies for businesses! We're a team of forward thinkers with expertise in design, web development and project management. We work to collaborate and support you through each step of Tomorrow by offering clear communication at every stage. With our collaborative tools that allow for real-time feedback on any changes or updates, we'll make sure your vision is brought to life-and done right the first time!

Why Appetite Creative?

Appetite Creative is made up of innovative creators who love being first and pushing the boundaries of possibility to produce cutting edge communication.

We deliver effective, global, branding and digital campaigns and projects across the EMEA, Americas and MENA regions. We are an awarded B2B top marketing agency from Clutch for the last three years in a row. We harness strategy, creative and tech into seamless communication solutions. No other digital marketing agency in the UK achieves more marketing firsts than 

Appetite Creative. 

As market leaders in developing social media strategies, we have successfully worked with global businesses that offer B2B professional services. We work successfully with multinational clients such as Bayer, Hitachi, Samsung, Tetra Pak and Hybrid Theory and know how to guide your B2B sales to successful results.

Meet the team

The Project Manager and his/her team always start the project off with a workshop where the client and all stakeholders are present. The goal of this session is to agree on the timeline as well as the project scope. The benefits provided by the workshop include: - Aligned brief - Insights to inform solutions - Identify risks early on - Setup the right workflow - Connect with the key stakeholders - Build a positive chemistry


Digital Audit

The Project Team conducts an extensive and comprehensive report based on the market research including all project-relevant analyses (e.g. social media audit, website analysis, etc.)


Drafting the Strategy

Appetite’s team then will develop a thorough B2B marketing strategy document based on the market research and the project scope. This document will then be presented and discussed with the client before we start implementing it.


Launching the campaign

As soon as the strategy is approved by the client our team will work to launch the campaign according to the agreed timeline. When it has been launched, the team will meet with the client bi-weekly to discuss the progress and performance of the campaign.


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