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Playable ads are part of gamification marketing and allow viewers to directly interact with them, giving you a greater opportunity to catch your audience's attention. Although other ad formats can be very successful, playable ads have several benefits such as increased exposure, interaction, conversion and higher ROI.

Build awareness and user engagement, time spent on your site, and drive sales through our sophisticated gaming mechanics. Appetite Creative can provide consultancy and full implementation to bring the benefits of gaming concepts and strategies to life for your brand or business. 

We use cutting edge reporting that allows us to collect rich pools of engagement data which can allow you to optimise your offering, and understand your consumers better, recruit the best talent or match the correct product or service for your audience. Educate and engage using playable ads.

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What & Why

What is gamification marketing

Within playable ads, you can use gamification as a way of combining your ads with a game. Keeping the brand’s objectives in mind, we design and create gamified ads for you, so your customers can have an interactive and immersive experience with your brand

Gamification marketing can be used by businesses across any industry, and it is one of the most effective ways for brands to deliver a fun and engaging moment to their most valuable asset - their users. Take a look at the game that we created for Unibet and see how a gamified brand experience looks like in real life!

Why gamified brand experiences work 

Creating a physical interaction with your audience elevates the chances of viewers to pay attention to the ad and your brand, instead of just passively looking at it. Gamification marketing strategies increase user engagement, time spent on ad and on top of that, help users create a positive association between an unique gamified experience and your brand.

Ad Networks

Our playable ads are compatible to the following networks:

  • Appnexus
  • Google Ads
  • Dv360
  • Xandr
  • All standard publisher ad servers

Why Appetite Creative?

We have worked with companies such as Starbucks, Unibet and Lego to create html5 playable ads that proved to be very successful. With our experience and our in-house teams of designers and developers we will dedicate time to carefully understand your needs and deliver you the best possible outcome.


Each campaign has its own set objectives. In this phase, we look at what we are trying to achieve and match that with the right technology and creative means in which we will achieve that. Once we know what we are trying to achieve we can pinpoint the correct experience for users to achieve that goal. Will we share to social media? have a prize incentive? Have a leaderboard? How will the client like to see the data?


Creative Process

Our teams of experienced UX design, graphic designers, specialist front and back end developers will then bring the project to life. Using a staging link for you and your team will be able to preview the project through the development process.



We will review performance once the ads go live to identify optimisations that can be made to boost performance further. Data collected will include time of engagement, time of day, day of week plus any other GDPR compliant data or custom data needed!


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