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Having a brand as recognisable as Starbucks does not mean that, in terms of marketing, one can rest on laurels though. Offering experiences and gamification is becoming more and more critical for an ever-growing demographic. Knowing that Starbucks is about convenience on top of excellent quality set us on the pathway to think about something straightforward, spotless and elegant, and above all, fun. Even though Starbucks had no intention of going to such a scale just yet, modern forms of advertising which trigger real, powerful human emotions are still always beneficial. 


Offering experiences and gamification is becoming more and more critical for an ever-growing dynamic


Offering vouchers and coupons is as easy as offering to stamp a customers card so that they may receive a freebie after ten visits, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, with only 3% of vouchers ever being redeemed we know what we need to do is offer more and identity the use who redeems.. We can provide vouchers and discounts, but we should also be trying to create an experience while doing so, and link back the purchase.


We decided on a cup flip game in which a user could, with one hand, attempt the tricky but masterable task of flipping an instantly recognisable Starbucks cup onto a platform. Scores are shareable and should the user receive enough points, not only does he or she win bragging rights among friends, but also vouchers to use in the store. Vouchers could be downloaded or emailed.


A thirty-second dwell time showed us exactly what we wanted. Users were engaging with the mini-game and trying it out and flicking away happily. We were not creating Tomb Raider here; we just wanted people to have fun while hopefully picking up a voucher. On top of the dwell time, we also saw a massive 90 per cent engagement and an average of 60 secs engagement time per user. Voucher download targets were smashed by over 110%.




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