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    Average Session Duration

  • 221.4%

    Increase of Time Spent on Website

  • 170.37%

    Increase of Followers on LinkedIn

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Baggl is an innovative B2B online marketplace where businesses and freelancers can trade what they have or do, for whatever they need, albeit using a combination of barter and cash. The mission of baggl is to help its members to find new customers, increase their revenues, reduce their costs and ultimately improve the efficiency of their trading.

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A huge THANK YOU to the entire team at Appetite Creative for bringing our Virus Slayer Game to life and proactively managing our social media channels and SEO services. It's been a great few months working together and there's more to come! We're so chuffed! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
- Paul Grundy, CEO baggl


The baggl team approached us to help them launch their first-ever marketing campaign to encourage businesses not to get beaten by Covid-19. In addition to designing and developing this web app, the client also asked us to support the emerging company with our social media marketing and SEO services.


Not only did we help the client with its very first marketing campaign by raising awareness of its B2B marketplace with an attention-grabbing retro-style mobile game (“The Virus Slayer”), but we also started managing baggl's social media and SEO marketing activities. 

We proactively manage and create content for baggl's social media platforms (LinkedIn & Facebook) while implementing a new SEO strategy for the client's website. We have been working with the client for six months now and as our efforts are starting to pay off and we enjoy working with the baggl team, we are happy to continue working together.


Within the first month after the launch of the campaign, we recorded 50.7% more visitors than in the previous month on baggl’s website. The time spent on the website increased enormously by 221.4 % compared to the previous month. As a result, the average session duration in the first month after the campaign launch was 2 minutes and 20 seconds. We captured the contact information (email and name) of 56 users for the game.

Furthermore, in the first months of our collaboration, we saw a 170.37% increase in followers on LinkedIn and an increase in organic post impressions of up to over 1,500 impressions.




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