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Upgrade Academy is a platform that helps students achieve a higher education level by increasing their admission rates to top universities all around the world. Upgrade Academy works with members from top universities that act as mentors for the students to help them during and after their application progress to get into their desired universities. The team at Upgrade Academy helps the students to build a profile to apply for universities, to set up a career path for the students, to build a good application, and to get them ready for the academic year.


Upgrade Academy collaborated with Appetite Creative because their old website was lacking the identity of the brand. The website and the look and feel of the brand were too generic and clean. The brand was lacking color and identity and they wanted to turn things up a notch or two!


The solution that Appetite Creative provided for Upgrade Academy was to give their previous website a full make-over. Upgrade was struggling with the identity of the brand on their website because their website was too generic and felt it didn’t appeal to their audience of young people.

Appetite Creative redesigned the website by giving it more color and interaction and some new features to help guide the students through their website. Appetite Creative helped give Upgrade Academy more brand identity by even designing a new logo and Dashboard. On top of that, the website now includes an interactive homepage, 4 application guide pages for all the different university areas Upgrade focuses on, and some fantastic animations and interactions to keep the user engaged. The new website includes University databases that show the general statistics and the mentors and students that are involved in Upgrade Academy in a dynamic way. It also boasts a fantastic dark and light mode to really bring it to life.


The previous website that was too basic was turned into an interactive website with lots of different, colorful and interactive features. The whole website is now integrated with their CRM system and has a 20% faster loading time.


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