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Iponweb is a truly global organization with employees located in offices across North America, Europe, and Asia. They were looking to launch a new product and came to Appetite Creative.

The MediaGrid is a new supply curation platform for the next era of programmatic buying and selling. We have created a new application layer that sits between DSPs and premium supply on top of the existing programmatic infrastructure and needed an informational video to tell that story for us.

"We chose Appetite Creative as they are a niche in operating in the tech space. We are a technical company with complex and solutions that need to resonate with a global audience. The video we needed for this new product launch needed to demonstrate the impact the MediaGrid has on the programmatic landscape and the benefits it brings to both publishers and media agencies. Appetite Creative did just that, and on budget."

We used abstract animation in the products colour palette to illustrate the industries challenges and how the new product from IponWeb solves them. The product and the industry itself is quite complex so we needed to make sure it was easily understandable for those who might be looking at this from a more technical viewpoint, yet also give enough detail to those working in the midst of the industry to understand the real benefits the Mediagrid and Iponweb bring to the programmatic industry.


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